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This is a community for people who are interested in reading &posting posts. These posts can be anything you have made up or wrote or worked on. Things that have had effort put into, like something you produce. It could be a piece of writing writen pretty or something like that. It could be pictures you have taken &maybe edited. Anything like that which you may want to post. It could be personal or on the spur of the moment. There is an application though. Please do not post unless you have been accepted otherwise you will have to leave the community. If you join &don't write an application within 2weeks then you will be deleted. It's nothing personal just, join another time when you have the time. No bitchy or petyness either, this is a community not a journal.

Moderators -

[x] - Beth//lovesclichex

[x] - Cheskah//drinkupbaby_

[x] - Rowena//videogames__

Application -

[x] Put it behind a cut
[x] Include 1-5 pictures of yourself
[x] Name
[x] Age
[x] Location
[x] Name some bands/music you like
[x] Interests
[x] Put a lyric/line that you adore &why
[x] What/who do you respect &why
[x] What do you adore
[x] What gets under your skin
[x] Who do you idolize
[x] Is there anything you can relate to, if so what &why
[x] Why do you want to join this community
[x] Include some of your artwork/writing/pictures etc, at the end

Accepted list:

[x] xenslavedx
[x] dearfakefrown
[x] ___constructive
[x] amour_inutile
[x] rapidfireblanks
[x] chancetoburn
[x] _watchtheplanes
[x] hyper_chondriac