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Application -

[x]Name some bands/music you like
Elliott Smith
Rilo Kiley
Tilly and The Wall
From First to Last
Ani Difranco
Tegan and Sara
The Arcade Fire
The Blood Brothers

[x]Put a lyric/line that you adore &whythere are two:
"im never gonna know you now but im gonna love you anyhow"-elliott smith, and i absolutely adore this lyric because its just so....forgiving. if you understand what i mean. its just so simple and beautiful.
and also i adore "let get together and talk about the modern age, all of our friends were gathered there with there pets just talkin shit"-Rilo Kiley, because its so beautiful. i suppose you'd have to hear the song to understand what i mean, but its a really insightful line.
[x]What/who do you respect &whyI respect skateboarders(silly huh?) because alot of my guy friends skate and i've seen the determination/ how hard it is. it seems almost simple(ALMOST) but its really really really hard. But i also respect musicians, because of everything they do just to get out and make people happy through music.
[x]What do you adorei adore art. i draw. i dream about art, i think about art constantly. but i also adore my band(<3) because we're all really close good friends. and its just an amazing experience to just get together and make music.
[x]What gets under your skinWhen people lie about things they do. and when people crack there knuckles.
[x]Who do you idolizeJenny Lewis. i LOVE Jenny Lewis. I love her music(rilo kiley) i love her style, i love her personality, i think shes a real great person.
[x]Is there anything you can relate to, if so what &whywhat do you mean?
[x]Why do you want to join this communitybecause it'd be nice to have some people with a common interest as me.
[x]Include 1-5 pictures of yourself

(the one without sunglasses)

[x]Include some of your artwork/writing/pictures etc
i only have a couple quick sketches done for school on my computer but here i go:

i make shirts too:

and i take photos:

(i went to russia)

a picture i took of my cat
and more sketches:

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