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fuck bitchez

[x] Include 1-5 pictures of yourself;

[x] Name; lauren
[x] Age; seventeen.
[x] Location; leeds, uk.
[x] Name some bands/music you like; scarling. , queen adreena , cursive , olivia , etc.
[x] Interests; going to gigs , seeing my friends , photomanipulation
[x] Put a lyric/line that you adore &why; "pay no mind what other voices say, they don't care about you like i do." just because it's an amazing song, &i love it.
[x] What/who do you respect &why; i respect people who can accept who they are, & not worry about if they're too fat/thin/dumb/ugly/etc.
[x] What do you adore; photography , the colour green , pretty music , true friends.
[x] What gets under your skin; people who are fake/ignorant , facists , homophobics.
[x] Who do you idolize; i don't idolise anyone, but i look up to a few people. one being one of my closest friends, who is going through a really hard time at the moment.
[x] Is there anything you can relate to, if so what &why; music is my life. realising someone feels the same way as you by listening to their music .. that's pretty fantastic.
[x] Why do you want to join this community; because it seems cute.
[x] Include some of your artwork/writing/pictures etc, at the end;

Welcome to the first day
of the last of your life.
Yeah, let's live like we're
in all the magazines,
learn how to lose 20lbs in one week,
read all the advice columns for
teens and re-evaluate our lives.
Take a step back and see that
you are your god, and me ? a
character in the tv show
you call life.
Let's make it more interesting,
grab a knife and bring
colour to the page.
Now you're not so black and white,
not such a lost cause.
Tighten your buttocks, tighten your
pores, go out, get trashed,
enjoy breaking the law.
When you're the consumer and
I'm the whore and everyone else is
just begging for more, it's still not
that easy to play the clown.
When you wake up each day, half-hoping
it will be the last and all you
have are memories of the past, breathing
becomes mechanical and cold,
underlined, italic and bold to
emphasise your point.
You think in digital and not in prose
and in your head nothing goes
as planned.
And the insomnia kicks in when you least
expect, the phone never rings
and yet, when it does you rake your fingers
across your flesh until your arms sting.
The alarm bells keep ringing, but you never
stray from the fire, fear the heat.
Sometimes your rituals are not as planned or neat.
So just do the math, go to class, burn the gas,
make something of your life.
Don't sit around and be scared and
contrite, see the hook and take the
bite, travel the Earth, reach new heights.
Don't cross analyse or
lose your flight.

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