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[x] Include 1-5 pictures of yourself

[x] Name Ashleigh

[x] Age 19

[x] Location

Houston, Tx

[x] Name some bands/music you like
Hanson. The Sawtooth Grin. Rhinosaus. CocoRosie. Architecture in Helsinki. The Mountain Goats.
Ryan Adams. The Number Twelve Looks Like You. Third Eye Blind. NWA. etc etc etc.

[x] Interests
I like hanging out with my friends, writing with chalk, going to shows, booking shows, shopping, listening to music... I like a lot of things.

[x] Put a lyric/line that you adore &why
Oasis - live forever
Maybe I will never be
All the things that I want to be
But now is not the time to cry
Now's the time to find out why
I think you're the same as me
We see things they'll never see
You and I are gonna live forever

[x] What/who do you respect &why
I respect my grandma, for being strong willed and raising her 5 kids and then raising 4 of her grandchildren.
I respect Rowena for being the most genuine person I have ever met in my life.
I respect my mom for always putting food on the table and for working 2 jobs to give us what we wanted even when she couldn't do anything for herself.

[x] What do you adore
Dinosaurs. Jordan Taylor Hanson. Dr Pepper. Tomas Philip Zamarripa.
and Frankie....

[x] What gets under your skin
Nobody can piss me off like my sister can, although at the end of the day I still love her.

[x] Who do you idolize
A lot of people.. Swisha House for having the best rappers. Anybody who can breakdance. Natalie Portman because shes beautiful and talented. The whole cast of Rent for being in the best broadway player ever. Copeland because they can make me cry like a 3 month old.

[x] Is there anything you can relate to, if so what &why
Sure, I can relate to all my friends because we've been through a lot. I can relate to colors..because when they are used in a good manner they can make beautiful things.

[x] Why do you want to join this community
Why not?

[x] Include some of your artwork/writing/pictures etc, at the end

picture I took of downtown Houston.

a lot of my writings are long.. here's a short one.

pretending im invisible in a crowd of people is now a proud pastime of mine while i seem to have no trouble making conversation with myself over tv dinners. it took me a while to understand a bad day never really ends. we just give it new names every time the sun licks the dark off in poor attempts to stay hopeful. i used to get up early, smell the morning and say today will bring something to hold on to, i can feel it, just hold your breath and keep your chin up and keep the tears away. i don't do that anymore. yes the sun licks the dark off but more light only means more heartbreak. i cover myself in blankets and give in to the salt that runs down my face. i avoid saying hi to people now, i am scared to establish new relationships i will have no energy to take care of. no i can't promise you best friends. no i can't promise you forever. don't get used to laying your head on my shoulders because i am temporary and i feel like all the love i ever have to give is accidental.

i used to think that distancing myself for a little bit could fix it all but i looked back today and everyone feels so far away and things keep turning into dry landscapes behind me like sand seeping through my fingers and i can't hold on and i can't be still and i'm still walking away from everything like it's a good way to feel tangible. at the end of the day, shy evolves into comfortable and insecurities are my best friends and i only turn the lights on to make sure there's still life out there, that i too will have the strength to look at the sun one day. </ljcut>
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